Early 20th Century French violin, labelled modele d'apres Stradivarius etc and bearing the JTL glowing harp logo. It's one of the better models, oil-varnished in the trade-mark red-gold colour, and made with good woods; maple of medium curl and finest tight-grained spruce. It has the warmth, power and responsiveness that has come to create a high demand for these instruments. They are a best seller for me, particularly popular among traditional players.
Condition: A few knocks and scratches, but no cracks, repairs or other issues. Nice clean instrument, ready to go.
Set-up: New rosewood pegs and chin rest, new soundpost and aubert bridge, new Wittner tailpiece and Helicore strings.
Price, including a new case and bow,  SOLD
422 JTL Strad Copy