444 Nicolas Bertolini

      Early 20th Century French violin. This is one of the highest quality Mirecourt violins, and it's very obvious when you see it. It's a beautifully-made instrument, with very fine corners and edgework and it has a one-piece back made of the best flamed maple. The scroll is cleanly carved and edged in black and the original rosewood pegs have gold caps  - both signs of a top-class instrument. Inside it is branded Nicolas Bertolini, and it also has a label from Paul Beuscher, who hand-picked instruments for his music shop in Paris. It is dated 1930.
      This violin sounds as good as it looks. Great projection, mature, warm and dark and full of character. Very responsive and easy to play. An instrument for a professional.
Condition: A few very light dings and scratches but otherwise almost pristine.
Set up with new bridge, original rosewood pegs, Infeld Blue strings and Wittner tailpiece.
Price SOLD