562 Laberte Viola

Mid 20th Century French viola, made in the Laberte workshop. Typical Mirecourt work, with deep red varnish and very French corners. It has a two-piece back of strong, narrow flame and the top is good close-grained spruce. There were far fewer violas than violins made in Mirecourt, and they are already becoming scarce. This one has a 16 inch back, which gives it a capacity for more volume than smaller violas. It has a rich, round sound, with a hint of darkness.
Condition: There are two cracks running down from the f-holes, well wide of the soundpost and bass bar. These happened when the instrument was in transit to me, and I have closed the cracks and cleated them inside. I have photograps of the repairs available to anyone who would like to see them. Other than this, the viola is very clean.
Set-up. Ebony pegs, probably the original. New bridge, soundpost, Superflexible strings and Wittner tailpiece.
Price, including a new case and carbon-fibre bow, €2200