569 German Klotz Copy
Turn of the Century Mittenwald violin, labelled E.H. Baader Geigenbauer Mittenwald 1900 and Josef Klotz etc. Nice old instrument, made with fairly plain wood and stamped with various brands on the back, though I am of the opinion that these are later additions. High arching, very characteristic of the copied maker. Nicely carved scroll. The sound is full of character, quite dark, very distinctive. Someone will feel a connection to this fiddle and fall in love with it.
Condition: Very good, just the dings and scratches to be expected on a hundred-year-old instrument.
Set-up: New rosewood pegs and matching chin rest. New sound post and Aubert bridge. New Wittner tailpiece and Helicore strings.
Price, including a new case and bow, €800 SOLD