603 JTL Strad Copy
Early twentieth century Mirecourt violin, labelled Le Cicéron d'apres Antonius Stradiuarius etc, and Lutherie Vosgienne, 68 Rue Réaumur, Paris and bearing the JTL logo. High quality instrument made with the best of woods. Tight even grain on the top, attractive, narrow flame on the back. Particularly neat scroll, with points outlines in black, a sign of a top of the range instrument. RIch red varnish over a golden ground. The sound is smooth and creamy and sweet, very even across the strings. A lovely violin, and a bargain at this price.
Condition: There are a couple of repaired cracks on the lower bout, well away from the soundpost and bass bar. These were glued and retouched before I got it, and one of them doesn't look great. I removed the top and cleated them inside so I can guarantee their stability, but one is unsightly and I have set the price accordingly. There is also a bare patch beside the fingerboard where the varnish has been rubbed away. Otherwise just the usual dings and scratches to be found on a violin of this age.
Set-up: Original rosewood pegs. New soundpost and Aubert bridge, new Wittner tailpiece and Tonica strings.
Price, including a new case and bow: SOLD