647 Paul Beuscher
Mirecourt workshop violin, c1930, labelled Antonius Amati Cremona etc and Paul Beuscher etc. Beuscher owned a workshop in Mirecourt which, like Laberte and JTL, built instruments across a range of qualities. This is a top-end one, made with top woods, good gold-brown varnish, scroll and rib edges highlighted in black. The sound is as good as the look - warm, responsive, practically plays itself. A real cracker of a fiddle.
Condition: A few light dings, but no other issues. Clean, mean trad machine.
Set-up: Original rosewood pegs, new matching chin rest, original sound post, new Aubert bridge, new Wittner tailpiece and Helicore strings.
Price, including a new case and bow, ON HOLD