650 Breton
Interesting twentieth century violin, probably French, labelled Breton breveté a Paris. This is not a typical Mirecourt instrument - it looks more like a violin made by a single maker, with a very high level of crafsmanship. Top woods. One-piece back of regular flame. Spruce top has very even grain. The head is exceptionally attractive and beautifully carved. The sound is very smooth and rich, even across the range, very sweet, just slightly dark.
Condition: One old wing crack. A blemish in the varnish on the left shoulder. Otherwise the usual scratches and dings to be expected on an instrument of this age.
Set-up: New rosewood pegs and chin rest, new sound post and Aubert bridge, new Wittner tailpiece and Pirastro Aricore strings.
Price, including a new case and bow: SOLD