Interesting hand-made violin, late nineteenth or early twentieth century, labelled Gerard J Delaplanque 1773. The violin is not that old, but nor is it a typical Mirecourt copy. I'm not sure about it's origin, but the quality of the woods and the making is very good. It has a big, round sound, very even across the strings, quite robust and distinctive. One for a professional.
Condition: There is a repaired saddle crack and a button graft, and the pegbox has been bushed, suggesting the instrument has had a busy previous life. All repairs are fully guaranteed.
Set-up: New rosewood pegs and chin rest, new soundpost and bridge, new Helicore strings and Wittner tailpiece. Every Wild Goat Fiddle is checked carefully, and fingerboards and top-nuts are adjusted or replaced as necessary.
Price, including a new bow and case: SOLD
744 Gerard J Delaplanque