859 Lionhead
Antique lionhead violin, bearing a label from a London violin-maker Balfour and Co, 11 Rood Lane etc, but made in Mittenwald Germany in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Typical dark varnish over a golden ground, nicely flamed back and intricately carved head, undamaged. I have sold a few of these over the years and they are all good, but this one is outstanding: warm, responsive, a hint of darkness in the mid-range and a clear and sweet top end. It's a cracking fiddle, interesting to look at and a pleasure to play.
Condition: Inevitable scrapes and dings but no cracks, repairs or other issues.
Set-up: New rosewood pegs, boxwood chin rest, new bridge and sound post, new Wittner tailpiece and Helicore strings. It has been fitted with a new ebony fingerboard.
Price, including a new case and bow: SOLD