860 Maggini Copy
Early twentieth century French Maggini copy, unlabelled. Typical M<irecourt work, made with good woods and craftsmanship, red-orange varnish, nicely flamed two piece back. It has the Maggini double purfling and also the less common extra turn in the scroll. It's clear from its condition that it has been very well loved. It has a strong, warm sound, is very responsive and easy to play.
Condition: Lots of biffs and bangs on this one. It has significant varnish chips and blemishes, and a couple of short cracks from the f-holes, repaired and internally strengthened. It also has a bulge in the ribs close to the end pin, unsightly but stable and insignificant.
Set-up: New rosewood pegs and chin rest, new bridge and sound post, new Wittner tailpiece and Helicore strings. Every Wild Goat Fiddle is checked carefully, and fingerboards and top-nuts are adjusted or replaced as necessary.
Price, including a new bow and case: SOLD