20th Century violin stamped inside Eugen Meinel Markneukirchen, and handwritten 1933. High quality instrument, hand-made by a single maker. Beautifully carved scroll. Two-piece extravagantly flamed maple back., and beautifully carved scroll Golden brown varnish. Rich, warm tone. Huge voice - a soloist's instrument.
Condition: There is a crack alongside the fingerboard running into the f-hole on the treble side. It has been expertly repaired and cleated internally. There are also two repaired wing cracks. one on each side. Other than that, there are just the usual minor knocks and dings for a violin of this age.
Set up with new ebony pegs and fingerboard, Eva Pirazzi strings and an ebony tailpiece with integral fine tuners.
Price, including new case and bow - SOLD

                            Eugen Meinel 1933