Full-sized violins over €1000

I have more   instruments in this price range which are newly set up and not photographed yet. Phone or email if you want details
857 French


I'm always setting up new instruments, but I don't have time to photograph and update the website to that level any more. For the time being I will be listing instruments without photographs. If anyone is keen to have pictures or descriptions in advance, contact me and I can send them. Thanks
                   New additions:

  • 852 French Il Vibrante                                                      SOLD
  • 883 French G. Santorino - Colin Mezzin workshop        €2250
  • 1017 Italian Aristide Cavalli 1923                                   SOLD
  • 865 French Amati Copy        NEW!!                                SOLD
  • 886 French Geronimo Barnabetti     NEW!!                   SOLD
  • 1018 French Guadagnini Copy                                        SOLD
  • 1019 Irish Thomas Perry c1790                                       SOLD 
  • 881 French Geronimo Barnabetti (export)  NEW!!         €2100
  • 797 French Jerome Thibouville Lamy                             SOLD
  • 887 French Guarneri copy                  NEW!!                  SOLD